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Environmental Remediation
Environmental Remediation
Environmental Remediation - Investigation, Risk Assessment, Remediation, and Closure
We help our clients reduce or eliminate environmental liabilities and achieve environmental closure with optimal use of available resources. When remediation is necessary, we provide a complete site solution - from concept through detailed design, permitting, procurement, installation, startup, operation and maintenance, decommissioning and closure.
Enpro's experienced project managers perform all phases of site assessment and remedial action from Phase Is through turnkey remediation:
 Agency negotiation for site closure.
 Risk assessment, risk-based corrective action (RBCA), and monitored natural attenuation.
 Remedial investigation, pilot studies, treatability studies, and feasibility studies.
 Ground water and fate-and-transport modeling.
 Turnkey remediation - installation and operation and maintenance (O&M).
 Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs).
 Brownfields - site assessment and remediation.